Cell Phone with a Built-In Video Projector

Wireless Mobi Solution, Inc. has created an Android cell phone with a projector built inside the handset. Yes, that is correct – the projector is integrated inside the thin confines of a smartphone. This device is in a niche market  – intended for people needing video projection on-the-fly, and it has the cool factor as well, judging by how it was received at demos and trade shows (more on this below). It is the first truly usable projector-smartphone manufactured to date.

It now features a LASER-based projector beam this year, an upgrade from last year’s LED-based unit. The result is a crisper, sharper picture and lower power consumption. You can actually watch an entire movie, or maybe a “double feature” on one battery charge! It’s rated at 4 hours of continuous projector use – with brightness set at maximum. Just point it at a lightly-colored wall and it will project whatever it is you were displaying on the phone’s display at 720p HD resolution at up to 100 inches diagonal. Almost zero setup time! No fumbling with separate projector connections.

The operating system is a clean direct-from-Google version of Android 7 (Nougat), without any carrier software add ons, and works with the major USA carriers (unlocked) – both GSM and CDMA, and international carriers. It generated a lot of interest and accolades at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas in January 2018 and can now be ordered with a delivery time of about one week.

Purchase at Amazon $599 plus shipping

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