How to Manage Your 5GB iCloud Storage

How to Manage Your 5GB iCloud Storage from Apple (2-minute read)

As you use your smartphone, tablet, and computer, slowly but surely you are accumulating data that uses up the free iCloud storage – 5GB provided by Apple. Periodically, it is a good idea to move some of your iCloud files off the cloud and into your personal computer’s local drive, and subsequently into your physical backup drives. The following are easy steps you can take to prevent you from maxing out on your 5GB limit and having to purchase a paid subscription from Apple for additional space.


Every year, once we are about 6 months into the next year, move your previous year’s emails, both sent and received, off Apple iCloud account and onto your hard drive or SSD in your computer. I like to name each year’s folders e.g., Sent 2017, Inbox 2017.

Photos & Videos

Periodically, move content off your Apple iCloud account and into the Photos app.

About your Confidential Information

Never put your financial information, accounts, passwords, sensitive personal information, etc., in any files uploaded to a cloud service. There’s no guarantee that there won’t be a data breach by a hacker. Anything you place in the cloud should be information that you have no problem with the entire world being able to see.

Restrict your confidential information to your private computer’s HD or SSD and on your physical backup drives.

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